About Us

HiLife Community "Say a new different Hi to your life."

About Us

Here is a question. Why this Hi is new and different?
HiLife platform is based on a 2*3 matrix. We called it the kindness matrix because it can help people to start their new nice life and say goodbye to loan and poverty.

This platform is a donation. You donate to make the world a better place for your friends and also yourself. Unfortunately, nowadays, websites started defrauding people and this bothers humans. Hilife is made to say goodbye to these scams. People can donate here and firstly help others and then earn good bunch of money without any stress of scamming.

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Our vision

  • To finish the poverty in the world.
  • To help our friends to be rich.
  • To make the world better place.
  • Building a better financial world

Our Goals

  • Improving donation.
  • Finishing scam websites like HYIP.
  • Starting peer to peer donation.
  • Starting following our dreams.
  • Experiencing success together.

Our Strategy

  • Kindness Matrix 2x3
  • Use Spillover Option
  • Use Bitcoin
  • Spend: 0.03 BTC
  • Receive: 1.20 BTC