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We introduce HiLife to you and answer your questions. It is held by HiLife leaders. Please study all documents in HiLife before your request for meeting.

Purpose of holding a meeting:
+ To answer your questions about HiLife and how it works
+ To know all the steps you need to follow such as:

- Creating bitcoin wallet
- Upgrading
- Registration
- Adding your wallet address
- Being familiar with leaders

  1. Enter to
  2. Download iPhone/iPad App
  3. Download Android App
  4. Meetings Client ( Browser Extension )

Reserve about 1 hour for the meeting.

You can have online meetings on weekdays between 6-24 (GMT Time)

An online meeting is an easy and flexible means to do your banking anywhere you want. All you need is a computer, an iPad or a Android tablet with an Internet connection, a telephone and access codes. At the online meeting we will show you illustrative material, which you can view on your computer screen while you are discussing on the phone with your adviser.

The online meeting will work with most PC and Mac computers and operating systems. You can use an iPad or a Windows tablet for the online meeting if you have a Wifi connection

We will give you advice at the beginning of the online meeting on how to participate in it.

Log into ZOOM and read the agenda and instructions for the meeting before the agreed online meeting. Test the compatibility of your computer, iPad or Windows tablet in accordance with the instructions in Zoom. Make sure that you are in a quiet and undisturbed environment. Before the meeting starts, enter to ZOOM. Have your phone and access codes handy. We will call you when the meeting begins.

Yes, several people in different locations can take part in the same online meeting.

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